if only you could be spared from this hardship
if only you cried tears of joy not sorrow
if only you weren’t stuck in the relationship
if only you didn’t feel empty and hollow

cast the burdens that keep you from walking
paralyzing emotions which leave you broken
your fragile soul has taken too huge a beating
from actions unrealized and words unspoken

hanging on a thread of uncertainty
journeying into unchartered territory
your guardian watches over invisibly
as you tread along in search of your destiny


unexpectedly a devil in disguise
grave misconception, it came as a surprise
we mourn for truth and trust, their fall and demise
uncovering reality filled with ugly lies

punctured and stabbed, it’s no wonder you’re bleeding
wounded and scarred, it takes time for the healing
for they know not what they do, we’re forgiving
his steps must we follow in our daily living

fallen and unworthy, we should be ashamed
for our shortcomings, we have ourselves to blame
stepping forward, not going to where we came
renewed and changed, it will never be the same


once eclipsed, nothing in sight but the glowing corona
we’ve passed the vertex of the quadratic parabola
unexpectedly turning with an increasing gradient
the rays of the sunshine have never been more radiant

it feels reinvigorating to break free from the loop
with its reiterations i was lifeless like a droop
crossing the valley anticipating greener pastures
journeying in uncertainty is part of life’s adventures


rpk… you’ll never walk alone

a martyr for peace and justice
repressed by the enemy’s malice
we stand in solidarity
and the truth shall set us free


swept into the ocean by the ferocious waves
battling against the furious currents
fear not for i am always with you
to carry you ashore once again