the second wedding i attended in the past month… it was probably an auspicious period to tie the knot… by the way… i was shooting in between dishes :)


i was shooting and shredding at my friend’s wedding last month… it was fun to spend the weekend doing my hobbies for such a joyous occasion…


our department teambuilding was held in jerejak island two fridays ago… it was exciting with numerous physical activities such as jungle trekking, flying fox, rappelling as well as navigating through an obstacle course of ropes and wires which required good balancing skills… while waiting for the boat home… we even had time for some beach soccer and volleyball… :)


the weekend was quite hectic… with a day trip to taiping with a bus load of photographers… more on that later… meanwhile… saturday was spent at queensbay for teik boon and seok lynn’s birthday celebration

after dinner… we proceeded to the super model search in support of natalie… seok lynn’s sister… who came out second in the finals on sunday… :)