the last thing i expected from a casual photography outing one beautiful saturday morning with my fellow colleagues was appearing in the evening edition of a local daily the very same day… guang ming caught us during our portraiture and landscape photoshoot at the sunway tunas area which was lined up with blooming sakura trees… anyway it is cool to have been featured in a newspaper :)

do click through to my high resolution gallery for more colourful photos of cherry blossoms… they were taken around altera in bayan lepas and sunway tunas on a few different occasions :)

2009-03-10-15 – In Bloom

well to be honest… those aren’t sakura or cherry blossoms contrary to the popular belief of most locals… but rather they are called tabebuia rosa or amapa… and tabebuia roseo-alba or white ipe…


the petronas technology university’s architecture and compounds make very good subjects for landscape photography… erica and i took a drive down during the raya break… i wish i could have more time to snap the night scenery there but i had to be home for dinner… anyway… i managed to cover the main places such as the lecture hall complex… the chancellor complex including the library… the mosque… as well as the main lake… the chancellor complex panorama is extremely huge… view it larger here :)


during my trip back home the month before last… i went on a road trip to elephant stone and its surroundings for some sightseeing… here’s the first stop for that trip… kellie’s castle… special thanks to my tour guide of the day pictured below :)


swept into the ocean by the ferocious waves
battling against the furious currents
fear not for i am always with you
to carry you ashore once again