the digital camera imaging and media fair drew shutterbugs from all over the nation… my friends and i being part of the crowd… the highlight of it was the velocity angels model of the year search which showcased a dozen beauties vying for the title… and the emcee for the three-day event was none other than kim… a good friend of mine from high school years… it was great catching up with family and friends over that weekend… do check out the complete gallery…. i have hundreds of photos ;)

the number of booths at the fair were way less than i expected… but at least i got some good deals on square filter systems… the only camera manufacturers present were canon and nikon… but anyway… at least the photographers had a lot of stage action to keep themselves busy shooting… the first photo below shows the winner and the runner-up of the competition… felixia and charlene (r to l)

chloe… best pose

kimberley… best body

normera… most photogenic








enough of the contestants… here are a couple more photos of the photographers and friends :)

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