after a (record?) long absence… here i am attempting to write a little something about my week-long vacation in borneo last month… it was indeed a very fun and adventure-filled time-off in the remote jungles… far from urbanization and modernization… one of the things i realized during my time there was the fact that although i had to hike and trek for miles and hours… drive on bumpy and winding trunk roads with overtaking maneuvers i normally wouldn’t attempt… i felt more fresh and alive than ever at the end of the day… as compared to sitting in front of a desktop for the whole freaking day… which led me to strongly believe that the monitor is draining all my energy away… boy do i miss being detached from cyberspace during the whole vacation…

since everyone seems to be on facebook… i uploaded all my photos there for better visibility and convenience… so by clicking on the photos in this post… you will be able to access each of the respective albums… i have about a dozen of them i guess :)

i flew from penang to kl and then to miri on the first day of my trip… met up with my travel friends for dinner at one of the famous seafood restaurants in the heart of the city… and had coffee c special which was a deliciously unique blend of coffee (duh), evaporated milk and wheatgrass :)

click here for day 1’s album

we woke up early the next day to watch sunrise at canada hill… which overlooks miri city… and is the site of the grand old lady… miri’s first oil well… after a brief breakfast… we headed to the airport…

maswings had some technical problems with their lousy fokker propeller plane which massively disrupted our itinerary on day 2… we wasted half a day at the airport when we could be exploring mulu… so by the time we reached there in the evening instead of in the morning… we could only participate in the night walk around the jungle… and all we got as compensation was a restricted-choice lunch… which made us and the other affected passengers pretty pissed of with mas…

click here for day 2’s album

our first destination of day 3 was wind cave… prior to that… we stopped by the penan village along the river… as we rode on a longboat to the caves…

click here for day 3 – wind cave’s album

next was clearwater cave… which was a few hundred metres away… i think i’ll let the photos do the talking since i’m not quite sure how to elaborate about stalactites and stalagmites… and besides… i was hardly paying attention to the guide as i was too engrossed with obtaining the right exposure in such challenging and dark situations without a tripod :P

click here for day 3 – clearwater cave’s album

after lunch… we were treated to more fascinating rock formations in both lang’s cave and deer cave… two of the major caves in the mulu national park… which have a lot of historical and ecological significance… for instance… deer cave is the longest cave passage in the world… while the sarawak chamber is the world’s largest natural chamber… i can’t really recall the rest but suffice to say… mulu has been gazzetted as a unesco world heritage site for the preservation of its diversity of flora, fauna and geological formations…

click here for day 3 – lang’s cave’s album

click here for day 3 – deer cave’s album

the major highlight of the evening was the bat exodus… where millions of bats flew right above us as we watched in excitement… after that… we trekked back to our hostel for a sumptuous dinner accompanied by a bottle of local tuak (rice wine)

we went for an early morning walk and a rather tiring climb up to moonmilk cave on day 4… and then it was a long and sunny boat ride to the long langsat stream where the waters were clear and shallow… it was refreshing to bathe in the mini waterfall… and walk along barefooted with the slippery stones forming a natural foot reflexology path…

click here for day 4’s album

mulu was a whole lot of fun… it would be pretty impossible to post all the photos within a single post like this without it running extremely lengthy… as such… don’t forget to click on the photos above which will link you to the facebook photo galleries of each place i visited…

next up… brunei and bintulu… meanwhile… it’s time to catch up on some sleep… :)

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