the digital camera imaging and media fair drew shutterbugs from all over the nation… my friends and i being part of the crowd… the highlight of it was the velocity angels model of the year search which showcased a dozen beauties vying for the title… and the emcee for the three-day event was none other than kim… a good friend of mine from high school years… it was great catching up with family and friends over that weekend… do check out the complete gallery…. i have hundreds of photos ;)

the number of booths at the fair were way less than i expected… but at least i got some good deals on square filter systems… the only camera manufacturers present were canon and nikon… but anyway… at least the photographers had a lot of stage action to keep themselves busy shooting… the first photo below shows the winner and the runner-up of the competition… felixia and charlene (r to l)

chloe… best pose

kimberley… best body

normera… most photogenic








enough of the contestants… here are a couple more photos of the photographers and friends :)


the last thing i expected from a casual photography outing one beautiful saturday morning with my fellow colleagues was appearing in the evening edition of a local daily the very same day… guang ming caught us during our portraiture and landscape photoshoot at the sunway tunas area which was lined up with blooming sakura trees… anyway it is cool to have been featured in a newspaper :)

do click through to my high resolution gallery for more colourful photos of cherry blossoms… they were taken around altera in bayan lepas and sunway tunas on a few different occasions :)

2009-03-10-15 – In Bloom

well to be honest… those aren’t sakura or cherry blossoms contrary to the popular belief of most locals… but rather they are called tabebuia rosa or amapa… and tabebuia roseo-alba or white ipe…


i must admit that i shall be posting outdated updates every now and then since i took a long break from writing here… anyway… here are a stack of photos from the ice dinner held at the end of last year… ice being integrated circuit engineering which is my department…

it was the first time in a couple of years that such a formal do was organized in the company… it was very entertaining to listen and watch our talented fellow colleagues showing off (in a good way) their musical skills… and we all had a good laugh when the games session came and we randomly selected some lucky bosses and dress code violators to be the victims

my words don’t do justice and can’t really describe how much fun we had… so… do check out the gallery :)


two new years have passed since my last post… i have indeed abandoned updating for about two whole months… they have been quite eventful although i wouldn’t describe everything in length here… i’m trying to update my gallery more frequently with photos from the many shooting outings i have been… it can be pretty challenging to find the time when all you want to do is relax and watch some serials after a long day out and about…

the chinese new year week was a great one… i was truly happy to be just hanging around with family and friends… reuniting with buddies whom i have not seen in ages… probably a few years… anyway here are a couple of photos from the past week :)


day 7 of our borneo tour… we headed to bintulu which was a couple of hundred of kilometres south of miri… driving on the trunk road required much alertness… especially when overtaking slow-moving long vehicles at blazing speed in a kancil over a bumpy road… anyway… our first destination of the day was similajau national park… we had a short jungle trek for some hours…

click here for day 7’s album

being the sunset fan i am as some of my friends may have already known… we went back to tanjung batu to catch the fading light… the tide was high and the waves were extremely strong… hench the usual beach was inaccessible…

we hung around the town at night… and had a good rest for my final day in borneo… we made our way to niah caves early in the morning as it was yet another long drive… we spent about five hours or so exploring the caves and as usual i was shooting to my heart’s content… there are three caves in this national park namely traders cave, painted cave and great cave…

click here for day 8 – niah cave’s album

it was about four plus when we left niah… and i raced back to miri as fast as i could…  just to catch what would be the most amazing sunset by the beach that i had ever seen… and i left miri that night with sweet memories of a wonderful eight days in borneo covering many destinations both remote and urban…

click here for day 8 – taman selera beach’s album